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The prevalence of bleaching procedures has created the norm of whiter teeth for certain segments of the population. To accommodate these new bleaching shades, I offer new bleaching colors for veneers and crowns. These new shades can be made to look natural by adjustments to levels of translucency, surface texture, opalescence and specialized characterizations.

My practice offers both in-office and home bleaching procedures as a conservative approach to whiter teeth. If your teeth are healthy, and are of good form and position, but need to be brighter, bleaching offers a treatment option that might be right for you.

Case Studies

Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Upper veneers and lower bleaching.
Case Study 3
Bleaching with the replacement of a single crown and porcelain veneer.
Case Study 4
New bleaching color for veneers and crowns.
Case Study 5
New bleaching color for veneers and crowns.